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“I hope my podcast is not only going to help you have a better menopause experience,
but that it will also show you that you’re not alone.” Dani Binnington

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dani binnington on ITV breakfast show

We launched the Menopause And Cancer podcast with an appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning Show’. Dani joined Holly, Phil and Dr. Louise Newson on the sofa to speak about her own experience of menopause and cancer.

We release weekly episodes to help our listeners have a better menopause experience.

Your response has been overwhelming!

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I’m inviting guest speakers and menopause experts to help us find solutions to our symptoms, we talk about everything from mental health to physical health, sexual health to bone health and everything in between. Nothing is off-limits.
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Listeners call the podcast “life-changing” and “life-saving”

Dani Binnington started The Menopause And Cancer podcast because there was nothing out there when her own menopause was onset by surgery aged 39, a few years after her breast cancer diagnosis.

With the help of some of the world’s top menopause and cancer specialists, Dani aims to help inform and educate patients and health care professionals alike and talk about all topics in a non-judgemental way.

If you would like to share your story with Dani or if you are a menopause expert, doctor, nurse etc… and you would like to come and join us for an episode, then please email us at

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