How to find a menopause specialist you know you have access to see a menopause specialist on the national health system (NHS) if you’re in the UK? Head to the British Menopause Society website HERE , enter your postcode, click NHS or private on their ‘find a specialist’ tool.

You can ask your GP or clinical nurse specialist to refer you. As someone with a history of cancer you have the total right to get that referral. You can check here – and if necessary show this to your referring doctor. 

Our top tips:

  • You can be referred to a specialist outside of your area – even to a clinic in a different county if you are prepared to travel. However, not all clinics are able to take outside -of area referrals, and sometimes the arrangements can be quite complicated.
  • The waiting list is long – in some cases over 12 months. But don’t worry and use this time to speak to your GP as they will be able to help you in the meantime. Before you know it – that appointment will happen!
  • Follow up with the clinic to make sure you’ve been actually put on the waiting list. 


Some people wish to seek the help from a private menopause specialist. And although you could choose any specialist who is accredited with the British Menopause Society, we also know that not all have the same experience in working with cancer patients. 

We are very passionate in helping you receive the right care. And should you wish to seek private help, then we are very pleased to list some of the doctors that have extensive experience in working with cancer patients. 

They have been trusted supporters of our work for years. We’re especially grateful for their ongoing contributions. Additionally our medical advisors all work within NHS services and they also run a private clinic which you can look up.

Please ensure to book your appointment as instructed to get the most out of it!

Note, the average fee for a consultation with a UK menopause specialist is £280. Some clinics offer payment via instalments. Please check when emailing your booking to the secretary

View Doctors

Dr Lindsey Thomas

Dr Lindsey Thomas is an experienced GP and an accredited menopause specialist. Lindsey works in an NHS menopause service in Leeds and as part of this busy clinic regularly helps women navigating menopause alongside cancer.

Lindsay has supported our work with other charities such as Trekstock for years and has an in-depth knowledge of helping women manage menopause post cancer diagnosis.

She has a background in education and is a menopause trainer with both the British Menopause Society and the Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health.

Lindsey works in Sheffield, and also sees UK patients online

Dr Oliva Hum

Dr Hum is a GP and BMS Menopause specialist and is the co-director of Myla Health, a private women’s health clinic that provides clinical care to women of all ages, as well as corporate training and education.

She specialises in perimenopause and menopause, contraception and sexual health. One of her main areas of interest is genitourinary health and libido, and how these are affected both by cancer and by cancer treatments.

Olivia works in Sussex, and also sees UK patients online

Dr Zoe Schaedel

Dr Zoe Schaedel is a GP and accredited British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist and has a special interest in sleep. She has extensive experience caring for patients in menopause following a cancer diagnosis. She has 17 years experience in NHS primary care and leads the Brighton and Hove Community NHS Menopause Clinic. She is the co-director of Myla Health.

Dr Schaedel sits on the  British Menopause Society’s Medical Advisory Council, British Sleep Society Education Committee and is the co-founder of The Good Sleep Clinic. Dr Schaedel has published articles on menopause and sleep in The Lancet and Post Reproductive Health

Zoe works in Sussex and Kent, and also sees UK patients online 

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