Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering experience, and it often brings up a myriad of emotions and concerns. For many women, one of the pressing concerns is the potential impact on their fertility. In this blog post, we will explore the various fertility options available for women after a cancer diagnosis, specifically focusing on freezing eggs or embryos. We understand that this topic may be sensitive, but our aim is to provide information and resources to empower and support you on your fertility journey. 

Understanding the Process:

The first step in the fertility preservation journey is often the initial consultation with a fertility specialist. However, it is not uncommon for patients to feel overwhelmed during this appointment, as they are processing a cancer diagnosis and also navigating the complex world of fertility treatment. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to take time to absorb and understand the information given to you. Don’t hesitate to ask for more time or seek support from your loved ones.

Support Services and Counselling:

During this difficult time, it is crucial that clinics offer support services and counselling for patients. These services allow patients to ask additional questions, seek clarifications, and navigate the emotional and logistical aspects of their treatment. The fertility journey is not just about the medical procedures but also involves navigating a life-changing diagnosis and organising various aspects of treatment in a short timeframe.

The Emotional Aspect:

The emotional rollercoaster that accompanies a cancer diagnosis and the prospect of fertility challenges can be overwhelming. It’s important to acknowledge the grief process that may arise and recognise that it can take a long time, sometimes even a lifetime. Moreover, relationships with stepchildren or grandchildren may bring up feelings of them not being one’s biological family, adding another layer of complexity. Flashbacks of how life changed due to the cancer diagnosis can also occur unexpectedly. Please know that you are not alone in these emotions, and seeking support services can greatly assist you through this journey.

Using Stored Eggs or Embryos:

If you had the foresight to freeze your eggs or embryos before undergoing cancer treatment, there is no time factor for you to consider. Thawed eggs can be fertilised with your partner’s or a donor’s sperm, and suitable embryos can be replaced. Thawed embryos can also be replaced if they have survived the thawing process successfully. The process of preparing the body and the womb lining for embryo replacement does not involve surgical procedures, making it more straightforward compared to using fresh eggs or embryos.

The Return of Periods and Fertility:

Sometimes, after chemotherapy or surgery, periods and fertility can return for some women. However, the exact science behind this is not fully understood, so it becomes a waiting game to see how your body responds. If periods or fertility do not return, there are other options to consider.

Exploring Other Options:

Egg donation and embryo adoption are alternative pathways for women who cannot use their own eggs but still desire to have a biological connection to their child. Egg donation offers the opportunity to use eggs from another woman, which can then be fertilised with your partner’s or a donor’s sperm. Embryo adoption allows individuals or couples to use embryos from other couples who no longer wish to use them. It is important to consider these options and reflect on what would work best for your unique fertility journey.


Understanding your fertility options post-cancer diagnosis is an essential part of navigating your journey towards motherhood. In this blog post, we have explored the process of freezing eggs or embryos, the emotional aspects involved, the potential return of periods and fertility, and alternative paths to parenthood. Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and reaching out to support services, counsellors, and fertility experts can provide you with the guidance and reassurance you need. Sending you a big hug and love as you embark on this challenging yet hopeful path.

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