Hair Issues in Menopause after Cancer: How to tackle them

Imagine the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with hair issues caused by cancer treatment, only to have your hair thin, change, or shed again because of the sudden onset of chemical or surgical menopause. In this article we explore all your options.

Menopause and Cancer

Explore the challenges of menopause that comes because of or after cancer treatment and a proven strategy that works to support women.

Fertility Options After a Cancer Diagnosis: A Guide for Women

We will explore the various fertility options available for women after a cancer diagnosis, specifically focusing on freezing eggs or embryos. Our aim is to provide information and resources to empower and support you on your fertility journey.

Your rights in the workplace

Being able to work is something that most cancer survivors want for many reasons, not least because it provides financial independence, but also because it can provide a sense of normality after a tumultuous time.

Love Your Vulva and Vagina

Having a cancer diagnosis and going through treatment doesn’t mean you have to give up on enjoying pleasurable sex…